Nordic Gas Detection Group

Nordic Gas Detection Group is a cross border cooperation between individually owned companies who’s combined strength is available to all our customers. We share marked intelligence, we share product stock and we share our combined service capabilities.

The primary target to facilitate our customers in the best and easiest way. Especially in sectors like marine and off-shore industry, but all aspects of process gas analysis and protection of lives are common work fields.

Look for the NGDG logo and you will always be near strong product support, expert knowledge and a valued friend.

Partners in NGDG are:

Haakon Rygh AS

Håkon Rygh was established in 1955
Since then, we have always adapted ourselves to the customer and the market’s changing needs and requirements.


SensorEX Oy is the leading gas detection company in Finland. We have been working in the field of gas safety since 1977. We design, manufacture, represent and market a wide range of high quality portable and fixed gas control system devices.


All users should be thoroughly informed of the behaviour of gases as well as the limitations and durability of gas detectors.